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How to choose an outdoor Rechargeable Lantern? What factors need to be considered?

How to choose an outdoor Rechargeable Lantern? What factors need to be considered?

Nowadays, outdoor sports have obviously become a popular project for us to release pressure, broaden our horizons, and get close to nature. So the choice of activity equipment we need for outdoor sports is also exquisite. Strong light Rechargeable Lantern is an indispensable tool for outdoor sports. Outdoor use of Rechargeable Lantern requires high brightness, long range, good water resistance, and long battery life. Then let's take a look at how to choose the Rechargeable Lantern?

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1. High stability
Outdoor sports require Rechargeable Lantern to be "available at any time". Rechargeable Lantern with poor stability can be very dangerous if it cannot be used normally at critical moments, and the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high stability is the most important principle for choosing Rechargeable Lantern for outdoor sports.
2.Small and light
Outdoor Rechargeable Lantern should be as small as possible, light in weight, easy to carry when going out, and save energy. The general personal home Rechargeable Lantern is best controlled within 100g. Of course, the strong light type outdoor flashlight needs to pay more in weight and volume.
3. Multi-speed dimming
The emergence of multi-level dimming technology finally makes the brightness and battery life of the fish and bear's paw appear on the same flashlight. You can choose the most suitable brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, searching, etc., while reasonably saving (spare) valuable electrical energy. At the same time, the multi-speed dimming technology also derives many auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, which can send out the Distress Morse code when encountering danger, and ask for help from searchers.
4. Good waterproof performance
In outdoor sports, you will encounter any special circumstances, and there will also be violent storms. When we choose outdoor Rechargeable Lantern, the first problem we have to solve is windproof and waterproof. The reassuring waterproof standard is of course S04A. It can be used normally when immersed in shallow water. Of course, it is easy to resist rain. From a certain angle In terms of waterproofing, it also belongs to the content of outdoor stability.
5. Power saving
It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries during outdoor sports, so it is necessary to use high-efficiency Rechargeable Lantern as much as possible to ensure sufficient brightness and long cruising time. Designed by flashlight manufacturers for an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society, it is also a way for businesses to adapt to consumer needs and reflect their social responsibility. The emergence of Rechargeable Lantern solves the trouble of replacing batteries and also helps protect the environment and resources. Strong light flashlight, also known as LED strong light flashlight, is a new type of lighting tool that uses light-emitting diodes as the light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability, and strong brightness. Now strong light flashlights with light-emitting diodes as the light source have continuously entered us life. It is best to have a flashlight that can be adjusted, and use different levels according to different situations. It can reach more than tens of hours at low light level, so that it can continuously illuminate for more than one week every night under special circumstances.
6. High brightness
The environment for outdoor activities is complex, and any situation will arise. When high-brightness lighting is required, it is very dangerous to see the bright flashlight clearly in front of you but not able to do so. With the emergence of the development of LED diode flashlights to the emergence of single-lamp high-power 1W and 3W, LED flashlights continue to enrich everyone's flashlight choices. In particular, the emergence of metal flashlights made of aviation aluminum alloy has attracted many buyers. Therefore, a high-brightness Rechargeable Lantern is a necessary lighting tool, especially for exploring unfamiliar road sections. The maximum brightness of the Rechargeable Lantern is preferably more than 100 lumens.