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How to choose quality solar lamp

How to choose quality solar lamp

The quality solar lamp has the characteristics of novel structure, small size, light weight, high brightness, long lighting time, and convenient carrying. It can be charged as long as it is placed in the sun without replacing the battery, which saves the cost of purchasing batteries and reduces environmental pollution caused by waste batteries. The following are the precautions for purchasing quality solar lamp:

quality solar lamp

1. Looking at the battery, there are two types: ordinary battery and lithium battery. Although lithium battery is a rechargeable battery, it has a low life span, about 2 years, and the life of LED is about 10 years. You can choose according to the actual situation. Quality solar lamp is the best power supply battery with high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and many charge and discharge times.

2. Looking at the bulb, when the quality solar lamp is extinguished, it is difficult to distinguish its quality from the naked eye. You can see the consistency of the bulb when it is lit. One SMD LED is the best! Condenser, drop resistant, never blow up the bulb, long range, up to 100 meters;

3. Look at the aperture, the aperture of the quality solar lamp is a uniform circle, and the poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue unevenly distributed.

4. Look at the brightness, quality solar lamp has high brightness and slow attenuation speed. It can be measured with a lumen meter.

5. The quality solar lamp has good seismic performance, that is, it can withstand falling.

6. Look at the appearance, everyone knows this better than me, I won't say much. I chose the aluminum alloy shell, which is beautiful and generous.

7. Choose a brand. Brand is another defining criterion of quality. Without good quality, it is impossible to become a well-known brand.