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How to choose the right flashlight?

How to choose the right flashlight?

With the increasing improvement of people's living standards and the continuous progress of society, lighting methods are becoming more and more diversified. Torch lights are widely used as a mobile lighting tool, and are used in daily, flood control, work, patrol duty, outdoor, etc. occasions where conscientiousness plays an important role. How to choose a suitable torch light for different occasions? The sgdg torch light supplier will explain to you.

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Hiking does not need too high brightness. Due to the long time, you can try to choose a torch light that is convenient to carry and have a long battery life. Under normal circumstances, the torch light needs to take into account moderate concentrating and flooding. However, the leader still needs a torch light with higher brightness and a certain range, which is more clear and convenient when exploring the terrain.

Portable Torch light (EDC), EDC is the abbreviation of Every Day Carry, which means to carry a torch light with you. When choosing an EDC torch light, it is not required to have both high brightness and long battery life. The following points are mainly considered: 1. Small and easy to carry, 2. Easy to obtain batteries, and 3. It has the function of low brightness for a long time.