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How to judge the quality of led emergency lamp when buying it

How to judge the quality of led emergency lamp when buying it

As everyone attaches importance to personal safety and awareness of fire prevention, LED emergency lamps are now installed in major buildings.

led emergency lamp

The role of led emergency lamp
    In many crowded places, led emergency lamps and emergency exit signs are installed. Its function is to play the role of lighting and instructions when the normal lighting system cannot provide lighting, so that the people in the place can be evacuated smoothly and safely. Ensure the escape of personnel so that rescue operations can proceed smoothly.
    In layman's terms, in the event of a power failure, it is powered by an external dedicated power supply or its own power supply, so that the fire emergency lighting can work normally, and the lighting time is not less than one and a half hours.

How to judge the quality of led emergency lamp?
    (1) The led emergency lamp needs to pass the fire protection certification
    There is no doubt about this, and the state has also issued corresponding documents, it is mandatory for all led emergency lamps on sale to pass the fire emergency certification of a professional certification body, so this is definitely required.
    (2) Look at the quality of the led emergency lamp battery
    The battery is equivalent to the "fuel" of the led emergency lamp. Whether the fuel is good or not, and the power is insufficient, it is directly related to how long the led emergency lamp can stay on. The power supply affects the light-emitting time and quality of the led emergency lamp. Therefore, a battery with reliable quality and large capacity is necessary.
    (3) Lighting performance
    As a led emergency lamp, it should have lighting performance. Generally speaking, professional optical design, including the use of good chips and other hardware, is a guarantee of good performance.
    (4) Whether it can resist harsh environment
    Led emergency lamps are put into use when dangers occur. Harsh environments such as smoke and flames are unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate whether they can operate normally in this environment.