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How to see the parameters of the flashlight

How to see the parameters of the flashlight

The performance of a flashlight can be reflected by various technical parameters, which is an important reference for consumers to choose a flashlight. What do you think of these technical parameters? Come and increase your knowledge together!

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Luminous flux F (unit: lumen, lm)

It refers to the amount of light emitted by the light source in a unit time, which describes the total amount of light emitted by the light source. Generally speaking, if the wick is placed in a closed sphere and then lit, the overall light energy received by the inner surface of the sphere is the luminous flux of the wick.
Power (unit: watts, namely W)
The power of the flashlight is no different from the power of other electrical appliances. Power refers to the work done by an object in unit time, that is, power is a physical quantity that describes the speed of work. The amount of work is fixed, and the shorter the time, the greater the power value. Generally speaking, the power of the flashlight refers to the power of the light source of the flashlight, not the overall power.

Beam distance/range (unit: m)

The range of the flashlight, the test results in different environments will be different, generally refers to the distance from the light source to the light source when the light emitted by the illuminator reaches 0.25lux (0.25lux, which is approximately equivalent to a clear night in an open field) , the light from the full moon, the distance one feels in the field.)
Battery capacity (unit: mAh, mAh)

In general lithium batteries, the power of rechargeable batteries is mAh, which is defined as the current generated by complete discharge under a certain discharge time. For example: 1300 mAh means that the battery can be fully discharged for 1 hour when the discharge current is 1300 mAh.