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How to set customized emergency exit signs

How to set customized emergency exit signs

First of all, if it is used by your own unit, if there is no special requirement, you can set customized emergency exit signs on the walls on both sides of the exit of the escape route, and the direction is correct and not contradictory.

customized emergency exit signs

However, standardized management is now advocated, so if you consider long-term and for your own safety, you still have to follow the regulations. Common regulations include fire protection regulations, fire safety evacuation signs setting standards and other regulations to set customized emergency exit signs.

Customized emergency exit signs are usually small people plus small doors, and indicate the exit direction at the same time, and indicate the safety exit words next to them, usually green and always on. So check it regularly.

In addition to the customized emergency exit signs, we also need to develop a safe escape route map, indicating the escape route and exit location. You can refer to the route map in the hotel. Some hotels will have an escape route map behind the room door.

Finally, if there is a door at the customized emergency exit signs, it is necessary to set up signs prohibiting locking or pushing open, and set up a pull open sign on the other side to keep the passageway unblocked.