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How to use and maintain quality Fire emergency light correctly

How to use and maintain quality Fire emergency light correctly

The quality Fire emergency light has a variety of design styles. It gives people a sense of elegance and fashion, and can improve the interior decoration level of the residence, so it is deeply favored by everyone. In the process of using the new quality Fire emergency light, everyone must do a good job in daily maintenance to avoid damage. So, how to maintain the quality Fire emergency light?

quality Fire emergency light
1. Please refer to the instructions for use. After you buy it back, you should follow the actual operating instructions to prevent risks.
2. If there is any problem, please replace it in time
When it is found that the lamps on both sides are red, the lamps are black or have shadows, or the LED lamps cannot be turned on, the quality Fire emergency light should be replaced in time to avoid unsafe conditions such as electronic ballast burnout.
3. Do not change the structure of the quality Fire emergency light, do not change the structure of the lamp, disassemble and replace the components at will. After cleaning and maintenance, please install it in its original state, and do not install too many or wrong parts of the lamp.
4. Do not switch the power source frequently, and do not press the power switch frequently. At the moment of frequent starting, the current will exceed all normal operating currents, which will greatly increase the temperature of the tungsten wire and greatly reduce its service life.
5. Proper maintenance, improve the maintenance quality Fire emergency light to extend the service life.