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Main functions of emergency evacuation system Evacuation routes

Main functions of emergency evacuation system Evacuation routes

Generally speaking, when we talk about emergency lighting, some small partners will know that it is a lighting system, but emergency lighting is different from ordinary lighting. It includes: backup lighting, evacuation lighting, and lighting. The emergency lighting system controls the lighting through the linkage system of the automatic fire alarm system.

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  However, when it comes to the emergency lighting system, there will be some friends who don't know what it is. The editor tells you that in the construction equipment, the fire protection system generally refers to water sprinklers, smoke exhaust fans, indoor fire hydrants and other equipment. Smoke detectors, fire alarm buttons, and emergency broadcasts belong to automatic fire alarm systems.

 Of course, the selection of emergency lighting power sources should be based on the number of floors, scale, complexity, the number of people staying and flowing in the building, the characteristics of production and use in the building, the degree of fire danger and the importance of the building, and The setting of other emergency power sources, emergency lighting, etc., comprehensively consider and compare technical and economic analysis, and select emergency lighting power sources. The combined power supply method has the advantages of two or more power supplies, and the shortcomings of the unilateral power supply can be complementary. Although the investment is large, it is still widely used in high-rise buildings and some particularly important large buildings due to its high reliability.