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Matters needing attention when wiring fire emergency lights

Matters needing attention when wiring fire emergency lights

Dedicated lines should be set up for each emergency lighting fixture, and no switch should be set in the middle. Two-wire and three-wire emergency lamps can be unified on a dedicated power supply. The setting of each special power supply should be combined with the corresponding fire protection regulations. If the emergency power supply and the lamps are rotated separately, the electrical connection should be made of high temperature resistant wires to meet the fire protection requirements.

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two-wire system
This connection method is a common connection method for special emergency lamps. It is suitable for emergency lamps that are not usually used for lighting or are used for 24-hour continuous lighting (CED signs belong to this type). After the power is cut off, the emergency lamps will automatically turn on.
three-wire system
The connection method is a common connection method for emergency lights, which can control the opening or closing of the emergency lighting in the usual lighting state. K is the usual lighting switch.
(1) Several wiring methods commonly used for emergency lights
In daily supervision and inspection, it is found that it is common for emergency lighting fixtures not to be used normally due to wrong wiring methods. There are six common emergency lighting wiring methods:
(2) Matters needing attention
1. It is necessary to accurately grasp the characteristics of various wiring methods, so as to avoid blind wiring, which cannot play its due role;
2. If emergency lighting is used as a part of normal lighting, three-wire controllable connection method should be adopted.
3. For multi-storey public buildings, if there is no fire control center, the emergency lighting fixtures in various parts can be controlled by on-site switches (single light, single control or multi-light control) or three-wire connection method with centralized control in the distribution box.
4. For projects with a fire control center, in order to meet the requirements that the fire control center can turn on the fire emergency lighting on the fire floor and related floors when a fire occurs.