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Precautions for EPS emergency power supply

Precautions for EPS emergency power supply

EPS internal structure
1) Site maintenance: Check whether the room is ventilated and ventilated, and how high is the room temperature? The fire protection industry requires that the ambient temperature of the battery equipped with EPS should not be higher than 30℃. The service life is halved, and units with conditions should be equipped with air conditioners. EPS must be kept away from fire sources and flammable and explosive materials. Usually, ordinary sundries should not be stacked in the room where EPS is placed. It is not conducive to fire safety, and it is easy to attract rodents to hide and cause accidents caused by gnawing on cables. The humid air in spring and summer is easy to cause condensation on the internal control circuit board of the EPS, which will cause the EPS control failure. Therefore, the indoor should be kept as moisture-proof as possible in spring and summer. The indoor dust should not be too much or too dirty. The dust is generally positively charged. If there is too much backlog on the EPS control board, it may cause the control board to malfunction. The placement point of EPS should not be too close to the window to prevent water immersion, rain, and sunlight.

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2) Maintenance of the mains input terminal: often check whether the mains voltage is normal, and whether the zero and live wires are misplaced, especially if the front end of the EPS is a power grid with dual mains or a backup generator set, it is necessary to frequently check the first mains and mains. Whether the zero and live wires of the second backup power supply are consistent, if the misalignment is found, it must be corrected immediately, otherwise it will easily cause EPS failure. Users who are equipped with a lightning protection device at the front end of the EPS should regularly check whether the lightning protection device and the grounding wire are normal. In places with many rodents, protective casings should be installed outside the input and output cables.