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Rechargeable Headlamp notes

Rechargeable Headlamp notes

1. the rechargeable headamp or flashlight is a very important equipment, but the battery must be removed when not used to avoid corrosion.

2. a few recycled headamp have waterproof and even water resistance. If you think it is very important to waterproof, you can buy such waterproof bulbs, but it is better to prevent rain, because in the wild weather, they can not be manipulated by themselves;

3. the recyclable headamp needs to have a comfortable cushion, some of which are hung like pens on the ear;

4. the switch of lamp holder shall be durable, and it is not allowed to turn on waste of electric energy or some conditions when placed in the backpack. The switch design of the lamp holder is preferably a groove. If you think there is any problem in the process of traveling, it is best to stick it tightly with a cloth, take out the bulb or take out the battery;

5. the bulb is not durable for a long time. It is better to carry spare bulbs for use. For example, bulbs such as krypton argon will generate heat and are brighter than vacuum bulb. Although the use will be high amperes and shorten the battery life, most bulbs will mark the ampere number at the bottom, while the general battery service life is 4 A / h, it is equal to 8 hours and 0.5 amps.

6. when buying recyclable headamp, it is better to try the light in the dark place. The light should be white, the spot is better, or the one that can adjust the spot can be adjusted.

7. If it is climbing at night, it is better to use the bulb type of rechargeable headamp as the main light source. Because it has at least 10 meters of effective light (2 batteries 5), and has normal brightness of 6-7 hours, and most of them can prevent rain. You need not worry about two spare batteries for one night (don't forget to bring a backup flashlight, Use when changing the battery).