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Smart evacuation system can provide clear evacuation instructions

Smart evacuation system can provide clear evacuation instructions

For example, in the event of a natural disaster such as a fire, if it is a crowded building, if you want to escape at this moment, chaos will inevitably occur. Maybe most people usually take the elevator, and they are completely confused about the escape route and exit. And it is not clear where to escape at this moment. The intelligent evacuation system can prompt the place to be dangerous by turning off the hazard indicator lights, which provides safety and convenience for escape. The most obvious feature of the intelligent evacuation system is that it can provide clear instructions very well, which can be explained in this way.

Wholesale Fire emergency light

1. When the ignition point is close to the exit of the floor, the indicator light above the exit will go out. When the crowd sees this, they can avoid this exit, that is to say, this instruction is to guide people to evacuate in the safest direction.

2. In the case of not being able to see clearly, it can provide people with clear information instructions by issuing strobes, voice prompts and other functions. After all, in the event of a fire, the thick smoke can easily cause people to lose their way. With clear voice prompts and strobe light instructions, it is convenient for people to avoid missing the best exit. This ensures that the crowd is evacuated within the most effective time.