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Some common sense of luces de emergencia

Some common sense of luces de emergencia

Usually use the external power supply to supply power, and automatically switch to the battery power supply state when the power is cut off. Generally high-rise buildings, shopping malls, entertainment venues and other densely populated places will have luces de emergencia.So how much do you know about some common sense about fire emergency lighting? Let's learn about it together.

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(1) Fire emergency lights. It is located at the top of the Taiping Gate, the evacuation aisle, and the wall at the corner that is less than 1m above the ground. Single emergency mode is adopted, and the fire control room sends a signal to connect in the event of a fire.

(2) Fire emergency lighting circuit. The lighting of this circuit usually plays the role of normal public lighting and can be controlled by the lighting switch. In the event of a fire, it can be turned into an emergency state, and the emergency evacuation lighting is directly connected. At this time, the switch is out of control, and the fire emergency lighting is not controlled by the switch.

(3) General public lighting circuit. This kind of lighting is general public lighting, not emergency lighting, so it can not be connected to the circuit with battery, and it is not required to be connected immediately in the event of a fire. This type of lighting is connected to the ordinary circuit of the accident lighting distribution box, which can save the cost of setting up the distribution box separately, does not increase the capacity of the battery, and is more convenient to manage.

 (4) According to the actual project needs, the emergency power distribution box can also provide the DC power required for fire control.