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Some knowledge points of explosion-proof fire emergency lights

Some knowledge points of explosion-proof fire emergency lights

Explosion-proof fire emergency lights refer to lamps that are used in places where there is a danger of flammable gas and dust, and can avoid sparks and high temperature ignition caused by flammable gas and dust in the surrounding environment, thereby meeting the requirements of explosion-proof. Also known as explosion-proof fire emergency lights, explosion-proof lighting. Different combustible gas mixing environments have different requirements for the explosion-proof level and method of explosion-proof fire emergency lights.

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As a widely used lighting fixture, the explosion-proof technology of fire emergency lights has attracted widespread attention and great attention. Choose aluminum alloy shell, surface sprayed; dual-purpose lighting and emergency; built-in protection-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatic charging under normal power supply, automatic lighting of emergency lights in case of power failure or power failure; steel pipe wiring; normal emergency lights in special emergency lights Lighting and emergency lighting are independent; emergency dual-purpose lights, normal lighting and emergency lighting share a lamp body, and the light source is independent.

The principle of explosion-proof fire emergency lights is based on the European standard explosion-proof concept and fire-proof type. Explosion-proof fire emergency light is an explosion-proof type lamp that allows internal explosion and prevents the spread of flames. It is a commonly used explosion-proof type of lamps. Because this kind of explosion-proof fire emergency lamp shell is generally made of metal material, it has good heat dissipation, high strength and durability, and is very popular with users.