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Standard configuration in construction engineering of emergency lighting distribution electrical installations

Standard configuration in construction engineering of emergency lighting distribution electrical installations

There are often no shortage of emergency lights in hotels, schools, KTVs, shopping malls, office areas and other places. People living in the era of electricity all know that emergency lighting distribution devices have become an indispensable and important part. Once a power failure occurs, if it is not operated or dealt with in time, it will cause serious economic losses and disorder of order, and cause unpredictable damage to all aspects of human life.

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The emergency lighting distribution device is equivalent to the distribution box in the power distribution system. It is a bridge between the system host and the emergency lighting. It accepts the control command of the host, controls the emergency lighting, and feeds back the status information of the lighting. Usually it provides lighting just like ordinary lamps. When there is an emergency situation such as circuit failure, earthquake and fire caused by sudden power interruption, all light sources stop working. It must provide reliable lighting immediately, and indicate the direction of evacuation and emergency. The location of the exit to ensure the smooth evacuation of people stranded in the dark.

In addition to being an important product required in fire safety measures, emergency lighting distribution devices are also the top priority in various fields. After the lights are turned off, the valuables sales areas, cashier counters and bank cashier counters of large and medium-sized shopping malls will face the danger of being stolen and lost. Some chemical, petroleum industries, solvent production, heat treatment and precision machining, etc., and even important Underground construction, fire rescue work, etc., will not be able to proceed normally because the lights are out. Without light, the whole world will fall into panic. Therefore, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, emergency lighting distribution devices have become standard in actual construction projects.