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The meaning of Rechargeable Torch

The meaning of Rechargeable Torch

Rechargeable Torch is a new type of lighting tool that uses light-emitting diodes as the light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability, and strong brightness. Rechargeable Torch is a handheld electronic lighting tool that can be repeatedly charged. Rechargeable Torch is green and environmentally friendly. It usually uses LED bulbs and has a long life. It is suitable for night out and power outage lighting.

Best Rechargeable Torch products

Rechargeable Torch is designed for an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society, and it is also a way for businesses to adapt to consumer needs and reflect their social responsibilities. The emergence of Rechargeable Torch solves the trouble of replacing batteries and also helps protect the environment and resources. Rechargeable Torch usually uses LED bulbs, which have a long lifespan. The light of the flashlight is close to sunlight, and it is sharp and clear, which is helpful to distinguish the true color of the object.

Assuming that light emission occurs in the P region, the injected electrons directly recombine with the valence band holes to emit light, or they are first captured by the luminescent center and then recombine with the holes to emit light. In addition to this luminescence recombination, some electrons are captured by the non-luminescence center (the center is near the middle of the conduction band and the dielectric band), and then recombine with the holes. The energy released each time is not large, and visible light cannot be formed. The greater the ratio of the luminous recombination to the non-luminous recombination, the higher the light quantum efficiency. Since the recombination emits light in the minority carrier diffusion region, the light is only generated within a few μm close to the PN junction surface.