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The role and advantages of Fire emergency light

The role and advantages of Fire emergency light

The Fire emergency light system mainly includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicator lights. These lightings are set up to guide the trapped people to evacuate or carry out fire rescue operations after cutting off the normal lighting power supply in the event of a fire. However, during daily inspections, it was found that the unit was using Fire emergency light. However, during the daily inspection, it was found that there were many problems in the selection, installation, and use of the Fire emergency light. The correct selection of the power supply control method and wiring method of the Fire emergency light system, and daily maintenance work will directly affect the function of the Fire emergency light system.

Wholesale Fire emergency light
Fire emergency light is made of industrial plastics and high-brightness bulbs. The color is mainly white. There are two arrows on the surface. The material is not aging, fast heat dissipation, and impact resistance. Fire emergency light uses high-quality aluminum, metal spray, ultra-thin design, novel and beautiful appearance. Different installation methods of Fire emergency light. Fire-fighting emergency lighting equipment has wall-mounted, portable, and hanging installation methods; fire-fighting emergency lighting equipment has wall-mounted and hanging installation methods.
Fire emergency light has a long service life, reliable work, stable and reliable, suitable for high-rise buildings such as factories, hotels, shopping malls, buildings, etc., for emergency lighting of power failure, using metal lamp holders or flame-retardant plastic lamp holders, wall-mounted, portable, Hanging. Emergency time exceeding 90 minutes.
The above is an introduction to the functions and advantages of Fire emergency light. The professional Fire emergency light manufacturer for left-facing lighting is worthy of your choice and trust.