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The scope of use of led torch light for home user

The scope of use of led torch light for home user

Led torch light for home user is not only a lighting tool in a critical moment, but it may also be a hope for survival. Led torch light for home user needs to be practical, cost-effective, quiet in operation, moderate in brightness, convenient to charge or exchange batteries, and easy to maintain; portable The basic requirements for carrying a strong light flashlight: small shape, simple, moderate brightness, good character, good controllability, and a definite self-defense function, such as flashing, etc.

led torch light for home user

The basic requirements of led torch light for home user: have the function of quiet hammer, high brightness, rich functions (such as SOS function), long battery life, and on-board charging function. At the same time, it should have a certain protective effect in a dark underground garage. ; Strike the lamp head plan, when the distressed car window is out of control, it can easily break the toughened glass, so that you can get a glimmer of hope.

What aspects should be paid attention to when led torch light for home user?
      1. Meticulously waterproof. Because it is an electronic product, there is a circuit board in the front of the flashlight. Once water enters, it is easy to short-circuit and cause damage.
      2. The welding must be firm. Each diode of the glare flashlight is connected to the circuit board by welding. If there is a weak soldering, it may cause the bulb to not light up or affect the use of the group.
      3. The power switch must be prominent. This kind of flashlight usually uses a rotary switch, which is turned on when tightened, and turned off when loosened. If the battle is not obvious, it is easy to cause signs of light and light off.

It is our responsibility to let the quality of led torch light for home user guarantee the safety of your home!