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The working principle and maintenance of china Emergency Light

The working principle and maintenance of china Emergency Light

Evacuation Emergency Light, sign light, collectively referred to as Fire emergency light, is an important product required in fire safety measures. Usually it should provide lighting like ordinary lamps. When there is an emergency, such as an earthquake, fire or circuit failure, the power supply is suddenly interrupted, and all light sources have stopped working. At this time, it must provide reliable lighting immediately and indicate the evacuation of people. The direction and location of emergency exits to ensure that people stranded in the dark evacuate smoothly. So what is the working principle of Emergency Light?

Emergency Light is mainly based on its own power supply and independent control type. The normal power supply is connected to the general lighting power supply circuit. It usually charges the Emergency Light battery. When the normal power supply is cut off, the backup power supply (battery) automatically supplies power. In this form of Emergency Light, each lamp has a large number of electronic components such as voltage transformation, voltage stabilization, charging, inverter, battery, etc. The battery of Emergency Light needs to be charged and discharged during use, maintenance, and failure. The other is the centralized power control type. There is no independent power supply in Emergency Light. When the normal lighting power fails, the power is supplied by the centralized power supply system. In this form of Emergency Light, all the complicated electronic circuits inside the lamps are omitted. The Emergency Light is no different from ordinary lamps, and the centralized power supply system is set in a dedicated room.

Common Faults and Repairs of Emergency Light
1. The green light is on, the red light is off, and the yellow light is off. This is caused by the rechargeable emergency light without charging. The possible cause of this phenomenon is battery damage or disconnection of the charging circuit.

Solution: Use the 20V DV file of the multimeter to test the battery to see if there is any voltage. If replacing the battery with a new one still does not solve the problem, it may be that the positive and negative poles of the battery are connected reversely. If the charging circuit is disconnected, you can use the universal transformer to check the line from the red light to the charging port.

2. The green light is off, the red light is off, and the yellow light is off. This may be a fault in the power circuit. You can check the bridge rectifier circuit composed of four diodes, the fuse at the power supply, and the transformer.

3. If the yellow light is on, check whether the two lamp cells are normal and whether the fuse at the charging place is normal.

4. In the emergency studio, the light bulb will be extinguished after less than 2 minutes on, and the resistance value of the resistor has changed, just change to a 1k ohm resistor.

5. Since the Emergency Light battery is charged for a long time and there is no full protection circuit, it is the most prone to failure, followed by the transformer, and then the driving transistor, if the bulb is lit for a long time. Even if it heats up, it is easily damaged. Generally, replacing these components can work normally.