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What are the installation specifications for emergency led lights?

What are the installation specifications for emergency led lights?

Emergency lights, when you hear this name, you know that it has emergency functions. Under normal circumstances, when there is a power failure, the emergency light appears in people's field of vision. So in the installation of emergency lights, what are the places that consumers need to pay attention to? Next, I will tell you how to install emergency lights?

Emergency light installation specification

Emergency light installation step 1: Generally installed above the door frame of the evacuation passage gate exit, on the wall of the corridor and the safety exit walkway, about 2 meters above the ground; large electronic markets, shopping centers and other places, double-head emergency lights It is directly wall mounted on the column.

Emergency light installation step 2: It is found in daily supervision and inspection that it is common that emergency lighting fixtures cannot be used normally due to incorrect wiring. All emergency lighting fixtures should be equipped with dedicated lines, and no switches should be set midway. Two-wire and three-wire emergency lamps can be unified on a dedicated power supply. The setting of each dedicated power supply should be combined with the corresponding fire protection regulations. If the emergency power supply rotates separately from the lamp, the electrical connection should be made of high temperature resistant wire to meet the fire protection requirements.

Emergency light installation step 3: In the state of fire, there is less smoke and more oxygen near the ground. The instinctive response of people to evacuate is to bend over or crawl forward. Therefore, local high-illuminance lighting is more effective than the uniform illuminance brought by high-level installation. Therefore, low-level installation should be promoted, that is, emergency lighting for evacuation should be provided close to the ground or at ground level.

As far as our lives are concerned, the function of emergency lights should not be underestimated. After you buy an emergency light, you must pay close attention to the installation location of the emergency light. Mastering the installation steps of emergency lights can better help everyone feel the presence of light during power outages, and can help everyone bring a better life.