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What causes the intermittent sound of quality emergency led lights

What causes the intermittent sound of quality emergency led lights

What causes the intermittent sound of quality emergency led lights? The quality emergency led lights are set to correctly guide the trapped staff and fire evacuation or fire rescue operations after all normal lighting switches are disconnected in the event of a fire accident. And sometimes the quality emergency led lights will make intermittent sound, why is this? Next, the quality emergency led lights manufacturer will explain this reason in detail to you.

quality emergency led lights
The intermittent sound of quality emergency led lights will mean that the switching power supply of emergency lighting lights will be cut off. You can check the cables, power plugs, or switching power supply. If it is a battery emergency light, it should be that the charged battery power project is not enough, and all normal power consumption should use a voltage of 230V. It may also be that the emergency light has other faults, then we can find a professional to repair it.
1. The intermittent sound is also called the intermittent sound, and it is the intermittent sound you said. Many piezoelectric active (DC) buzzers are;
2. The continuous tone buzzer, also known as the long tone buzzer, is a general electromagnetic active (DC) type that sounds like this.

Quality emergency led lights is a special tool for lighting fixtures that is more commonly used in fire safety emergency. The quality emergency led lights have the characteristics of low power consumption, brighter, long service life, etc., and the adjacent design scheme includes the main power switch and indicator lights, which are suitable for processing factories, hotels, restaurants, universities, enterprises and other public places. It has the advantages of reliable operation, high stability and long service life. It is suitable for high-rise buildings such as factories, hotels, shopping malls, and buildings, and is used for emergency lighting during power outages. Available in metal caps or flame retardant plastic caps, with wall, portable and pendant mounting options.
1. Select high-quality aluminum profiles, metal materials electrostatic spraying, slim design, novel and beautiful appearance design.
2. High-quality ultra-bright LEDs are used to illuminate, and the surface chromaticity is ≧16cd/㎡, which is well-proportioned, mild and penetrating.
3. Emergency change time ≤ 0.3S, with sound over-discharge, over-charge and discharge maintenance.
4. Choose a maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack with an emergency time of ≥90 minutes.
5. To ensure the emergency time is long enough, please charge it for > 24 hours before use.
6. Choose high quality chips and switching transistors.

The above is the reason for the intermittent sound of quality emergency led lights introduced by the manufacturer of quality emergency led lights. The above content is shared with you here, I hope it will help you.