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What is the difference between LED emergency power supply and Fire emergency light

What is the difference between LED emergency power supply and Fire emergency light

Fire emergency light is an electrical appliance that provides people with lighting protection and lighting assistance when there is no external power supply. It usually uses an external power supply. When the power supply is cut off, the active switch enters the working state. Currently widely used in high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings, etc.

Wholesale Fire emergency light
EPS power supply, also known as EPS, fire emergency power supply, is an emergency power supply selected for power supply and fire protection in major buildings today. It is mainly composed of input and output units, charging modules, battery packs, inverters, and output switching devices. Used in building lighting, road traffic lighting, electric power, industrial and mining enterprises, fire-fighting elevators (fire pumps) and other fire-fighting equipment.
1. After the Fire emergency light is powered off, the switching time is about 2 seconds, and it will flash off, and the EPS emergency management power system can switch to 0.18 milliseconds at different times, and it will not develop a power-down protection situation.
2. Fire emergency light is scattered, large in number, does not have the function of convergence, and is inconvenient to handle. Only when the lamp is on can you know whether the lamp is Prevention and controllable, low failure rate, easy to handle.
3. Fire emergency light usually only uses lamps with a smaller capacity, generally 4ah battery pack moving lights, with a general service life of 1 year, and higher protection costs. Eps fire emergency battery life is usually planned to be 5-8 years, the host life is 25 years, and the protection cost is low.
4. The variety of Fire emergency light has strict requirements, while the EPS power supply has no requirements for lamps.