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What standards does customized emergency led lights need to meet

What standards does customized emergency led lights need to meet

Emergency led lights are one of the most common lighting tools in fire emergency. The emergency time is long, and the high brightness has the automatic emergency function of power failure. Customized emergency led lights have the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness and long service life. The power switch and finger display lights are designed on the side. They are suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places to prepare for power outages as emergency lighting. Emergency led lights are usually based on external power sockets to ensure that emergency led lights are fully charged. In the case of customized emergency led lights, two standards must be paid attention to.

customized emergency led lights

1. The customized emergency led lights must meet the national fire emergency lighting standards. According to the fire safety intent, in the entire process of inquiring about the goods, the fire-fighting equipment information officer can also conduct on-site inspections and inspections on the Internet based on the sign information posted on the goods.
2. The customized emergency led lights should ensure that the lighting time is not less than one and a half hours after the power is turned off. Only by meeting the above two specifications can it be called a qualified fire emergency light.

Daily management and maintenance of customized emergency led lights

Some companies or workplaces do not take care of customized emergency led lights, let alone carry out routine maintenance. This is incorrect. After installation, we still have to do the actual work at the following levels.
Perform regular maintenance on emergency led lights and check the status of the display lights. Bright red means the battery is charging, and light yellow means common faults. Unplug the power supply to check whether the emergency lighting can be normally illuminated by itself. Unplug the power supply on time every month, and plug it in after the battery is fully discharged, which can increase the service life of emergency led lights.
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