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Why are LED explosion-proof flashlights so popular?

Why are LED explosion-proof flashlights so popular?

 Today, simple lighting has met civil needs, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in lighting for industrial purposes. Explosion-proof, energy-saving, sturdy and durable have become the new growth points of industrial explosion-proof lighting. Therefore, the LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight suitable for use in flammable and explosive places came into being. Why is LED explosion-proof flashlight so popular, and what are its advantages?

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     1. Energy saving of LED explosion-proof flashlights: LED light sources have been popularized in mainstream explosion-proof flashlights, which is due to the mature cost of LED technology. Secondly, LED is a cold light source, which is used for semiconductor lighting without pollution to the environment, which is different from the traditional use of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. Compared with light bulbs, the power saving efficiency of LED explosion-proof flashlights is more than 90%.
  Second, the LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight is environmentally friendly and healthy: the DC-driven LED has no stroboscopic, no radiation pollution, high light source purity, strong color rendering, and strong luminous directionality. It is a green light source; secondly, the LED flashlight has Good dimming performance, there is basically no visual error when the color temperature changes; in addition, because the LED explosion-proof flashlight is a cold light source, the heat is very small and can be safely touched; while the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp work, it will emit huge heat.