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luces de emergencia installation location

luces de emergencia installation location

Luces de emergencia is so important, so usually, where should luces de emergencia be installed? The height of emergency lighting should be about 2.2 meters; it should also be determined according to the actual situation of the place of use. When the use density of luces de emergencia furniture increases, the installation height can be adjusted appropriately; the prerequisite must meet the relevant regulations of the fire inspection and acceptance department.

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The installation position of the fire emergency lights should not be hit by objects and blocked; if the installation is too high, it will affect the light effect of the brightness of the light in the event of a power failure, and it will be inconvenient to repair and debug the emergency lights. Here is where the emergency lights are installed.
For our lives, the function of emergency lights should not be underestimated. When everyone does not know that they have purchased emergency lights, they must pay close attention to the installation location of emergency lights. By mastering the installation steps of emergency lights, you can better help everyone feel the presence of light in the event of a power outage, which can help everyone bring a better life.